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of young adults who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away, according to the Barna Group.


Most churches measure youth by size instead of by the number of disciples. Consequentially, the emphasis tends to be placed on entertainment instead of discipleship and mobilization—that is, adding action to faith.

Young people raised in our churches have a lot of head knowledge but lack the experience that comes with putting their faith in action. Most people learn while doing. We can help you grow your youth group by reaching hundreds of students in your city and thousands around the world.

The secret to a committed and faithful youth is


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These programs will mobilize your youth to reach thousands of teens and children:

Teens need to know what they believe and why they believe what they believe! CORE helps teens develop godly habits that will guide their life through adulthood!  

Venture Clubs is a flexible, affordable, Christ-centered, weekly discipleship program for children—both in the church and in a neighborhood backyard. 

Children in your city and impoverished areas across America cannot afford basic school materials. Your church can help fill physical and spiritual needs by providing backpacks with school supplies and Bible lessons. 

Reach children in remote, closed, and war-ridden countries. For an average of less than $1 per child, you can influence the eternal destiny of children as they are presented with the Gospel message. You will be impacting a nation since God’s Word is a catalyst for change! 

Plan and participate in a fundraising campaign by approaching your family and friends about giving. By doing so, your youth group can reach thousands of children in countries all around the world!

Visit the field and see what God is doing—in person! Sharing the Gospel with a needy child can change their life—and yours. 

We are starting in the Southeast with a vision for all of America. Our goal is to establish 10 ministry centers within two years across metro cities in the Southeast USA.

Current operating cities are:

• Valdosta, GA (TMC Headquarters)

• Tampa/St. Pete, FL

• Atlanta, GA

• Orlando, FL

If your church is in one of these listed cities and would like to be a part of TMC-USA  ministries please contact us.

If you have a burden for the children in your city and your city is not shown on the map, please contact us!

We are looking for ministry leaders and volunteers!

Contact us if you would like to help reach our children and teens for Jesus!

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Drew Grubbs is our TMC – USA ministry director, and has been in youth ministry for over 30 years serving various churches and ministries. He has a passion to reach children for Christ, and mobilize young people to serve the Lord. He and his wife, Melissa, have four grown sons and one granddaughter. His email is